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Admin Services

Let us assist you with the details. Our office team works hand in hand with the operations side to provide you with accurate reporting for your operation. Below are the services we offer.

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Farm Service Agency Sign Up

  • Program sign-up

  • Report crop/acreage

  • Conservation reporting and compliance

  • Timely reporting of information for signatures

FSA Sign Up
Data Management

Data Management

We help schedule grid samples, complete field scouting, send the data where it needs to go upon collection and keep all the details for you. Give yourself some breathing room and let us handle the books for you! We also:

  • Set up available machines for data recording when needed

  • Bring available as applied data into office program when needed

  • Send available harvest data into office program when needed

  • Cleaning data off monitors

  • Presenting data as necessary


We can help to determine the Crop Insurance level you should be at. If you have a loss, we can report for you. We also:

  • Keep record for general insurance

  • Keep grain delivery records

  • Help you make field application decisions, on how much or what type of crop

  • We ensure our team works efficiently and accurately for your operation

  • We ensure you get the best price possible, by working with JEHM partners and local vendors, and keeping up on current changes

  • We help you sign up - plant dates/crops

  • Help with reporting losses

  • Record production

  • Bushel recording

Crop Insurance

Crop Insurance

Irrigation Packages

We can help you decide if you need irrigation. Upon installation, we can monitor or run your irrigation setup, and assist when it breaks down. 

We can help analyze a field to determine if it is a good irrigation candidate, assist with the process of testing water quality & quantity, apply for water rights, oversee the installation and operation of irrigation systems.  

  • Water management on/off

  • System monitoring while watering

  • Nozzle check

  • Ordering fertilizer

  • Tracking usage

  • Scheduling

  • Making timely fertilizer applications

Irrigation Packages
Grain Marketing

We can help you! We can assist you with all your grain marketing needs, with crops of all varieties in the area. Grain marketing doesn't have to be difficult, our professional experts will get the best price for you. 

Grain Marketing

Grain Delivery/Settlements

  • Deliver grain to correct elevator for best price

  • Grain contract management

  • Record grain tickets

  • Making splits at elevators

  • Keeping records for past 5 years for audits

  • Sending bu/ac reports for each crop

  • Sending bushel reports for individuals bushels and locations

Get in Touch

Got a question? We are here to help. Contact us today! 

Crop Input Management & Field Scouting 

Seed/ Chemicals/ Fertilizer

  • Keeping up to date on current choices/products

  • Ordering timely for maximum discount

  • Variety selection

  • Pick up/deliver

Field Scouting

  • Walking/riding field looking for weeds

  • Walking/riding field looking for bugs

  • Timely recommendations of planting and cutting application

  • Timely recommendations for spraying applications

field scouting

Download List of Admin Services

Crop Input & Field Scouting
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