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Our Services

JEHM is a progressive organization that utilizes the latest technology to maximize profitability for landowners and producers. We offer custom harvest and planting services, as well as custom admin work for farmers. 

Custom Planting

We pride ourselves on using the latest technology, including variable rate seeding and fertilizer.  Accurate, timely planting and air seeding applications are the first step in maximizing your yields.  We are able to use our purchasing volume to get the best prices on crop inputs to pass on to our customers.  We are setup for most all types of cover crops and cereal grains in this area.

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Custom Planting
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We harvest most small grains and fall crops in the area; primarily running John Deere Combines, 40ft flex drapers, 12 row corn heads, and 36’ Shelbourne stripper heads. Collecting your harvest data is important to us so you can make educated decisions going forward for your operation.

Custom Grain Harvest

Custom Grain Harvest

Custom Cotton Stripping

Our lineup includes 2 CS690 stripper balers, and an 8310R tractor with a SM Fab Bale Handler.  We stive for timeliness and efficiency, and have made the necessary investments to maximize what we can get done in a day on your farm.  From minimizing field loss, to efficiently stacking the bales on the side of the road, it is our goal to do the best job stripping your cotton.    


Admin Services

Let us assist you with the details. Our office team works hand in hand with the operations side to provide you with accurate reporting for your operation. Below are the services we offer.

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Get in Touch

Got a question? We are here to help. Contact us today! 

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